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I really like reading and ente. It is also the bet for the future of Real Madrid, which this summer paid a million and a half euros to Valencia for its clause, the only signing of Pablo Laso's team that today, after the blow in the Final Phase of the Endesa League in June, He faces the Super Cup in Tenerife hungry for revenge. What has surprised you the most about Real Madrid? That it is a winning team.

This can be seen in the environment, in the way of working, in the maximum demand of the coaches and teammates. It's what attracts me the most. There were several suitors, what convinced you of the white club?

The decision was simple. Playing for Madrid is a dream, it is the best club in the world. It's something that I was always clear about: if the time came to have the option, if I won it, if they wanted me, I would love it.

At home we are all very Madridistas. That they have paid so much money for one, press? I focus on the day to day, on the track. I will restore confidence with my daily work, being as involved as possible, we have seen him play point guard, something that could be more common if Campazzo ends up leaving for the NBA. In recent years, what was difficult for me was to change, to spend a month in one position and another month in another.

My goal is to be as versatile and useful as possible. I can talk about what is here, a commitment to a strong national bloc, great players who they have been around for many years. Both Carlos and I, who are younger, have the ambition to be here for many years, to follow the path that others have set. What is that advice from your father that he never forgot? It was instilled in us from a young age that effort and daily work is what leads the way.

Did you play many pachangas with your sister Tamara as a child? More than playing with her, I saw her since she was very little, her career in the lower teams with Spain, the Europeans, the World Cups Her path served as an example for me.

She is a very hard-working person, very good in her head to overcome adversity. I remember a hard injury to his ankle, it cost him but he was able to overcome it. And we have talked a lot, he went to Badalona when he was 14 years old. I am very much from my house, mine, from Galicia whenever I can, in summer. But since I like basketball so much, it didn't cost me the decision. I was so eager Obviously, the first year without your parents, having to wake up, there are bad moments, downturns.

I came warning, but what key did you touch last year to take that leap to prominence in Valencia? Each player has his way, he matures in a different way. I have had a lot to do with that work, with a sports psychologist. At this level everyone shoots well, everyone shoots well, everyone is strong, they are fast, but the difference is mental.

Is there a certain contempt for psychological work in sport? It seems key to me. I worked for two seasons with Juan Miguel Bernat, a sports psychologist who is now at Levante de futbol. From the first moment, I have a special connection with him, he is a magnificent person.

I was also very receptive, I wanted to explore that world, I loved it. I would really recommend him to all players.The interview is being recorded at the Melton building.

Just as a prelude to this I have to tell you that most of the interviews I have done have been people who were Jewish to begin with, by birth, and here we have someone who is Jewish by choice. To begin with, let just start, Steve. What else would you like to know specifically? Where were you born? I was born in Fort Monmouth, New Jersey during the war, obviously, My father was off in the Eastern Theatre with the U.

Army Air Force. So my mom was basically a single mom, as were so many young women raising children on the East coast. So Fort Monmouth, New Jersey is on the ocean. My family grew up on the ocean. I still have family there, children. My grand-parents were in this little seaside village called Sea Bright, New Jersey, where I spent the first couple years of my life, for many generations. Would you care to share them?

This history tracks back to England and Scotland. One of the more interesting things is how one can be on the wrong side of history. We had family that settled in Boston, the Irons was the family name. The Irons settled in Boston, owned quite a bit of real estate and, unfortunately, they were all on the wrong side. They were Torys and during the Revolution fought for the Brits and lost that territory.

So we can trace in this little transplanted Scandinavian village of Sea Bright, New Jersey, five, six generations who lived there.Tutto sommato Canetto-in controluce- ha ridicolizzato non tanto la Bompiani, ma certa casta editoriale e culturale nazionale che da decenni- si sa- pubblica in base a criteri spesso ben poco estetici o letterari meritocratici… In tali cataloghi, Canetto stesso, buon scrittore, non sfigurerebbe affatto.

Sarebbe un colpo alla Warhol probabilmente, ora!!! Salve, sono Gaia Conventi e sul blog Gumwriters ho seguito la vicenda di Canetto. Per quasto Canetto ci piace: ha saputo osare e, facendolo, ha fatto ridere chi da anni trova Ferrara una meravigliosa e immobile bomboniera per pochi eletti. Sul nostro blog si troveranno diversi articoli dedicati a Canetto, siamo un blog di satira e quindi i toni sono quelli del gioco… abbiate pazienza e tenete presente che mai, e dico mai, abbiamo inteso prendere in giro Canetto.

Per lui abbiamo un debole, non ci stancheremo mai di ripeterlo. Questo sito contribuisce alla audience di. Ferrara di Roberto Guerra Pubblicato in: Ferrara. Argomenti alberto canetto diego maranicasi letteraripoesiasindaco paperissima.

Le nuove gallerie Photoshow e Photofestival Leggi intervento associato. Tifa Cosplay Leggi intervento associato. Merry-chan Cosplay Leggi intervento associato. Checklist Marvel Italia - 17 Febbra… Leggi intervento associato.D- Mr. Canetto : surrealismo o futurismo? Producono spesso presunta cultura ingessata per pochi, non per tutti, quasi compartimenti stagni, strani, di dubbia meritocrazia. Con la seguente premessa fondamentale. A memoria e scusandomi per sicure omissioni desidero segnalare: a parte i miei amici futuristi ferraresi, avveniristici e inossidabili, amici come me del grande Graziano CecchiniGaia Conventi, brillantissima scrittrice di noir gialli e intraprendente animatrice culturale con lei anche a Comacchio a suo tempo con lo stesso Eraldo Baldini.

R- In particolare, quella locale, gode della mia massima stima e rispetto.

Interview with Alberto Abalde: "I recommend that all players work with a psychologist"

A differenza di quella nazionale, essa si basa sui fatti e non sulle opinion. Canetto : Prospettive future. R- Sono un insaziabile ottimista. Strategie per me naturali, quasi, per guarire la mia incontrollabile malattia, spero creativa!

Nel ? Questo sito contribuisce alla audience di. Ferrara di Roberto Guerra Pubblicato in: Ferrara.

Constructing and Expanding Suicide Narratives From Gay Men

Alberto Canetto interview La parola al funambolico poeta ferrarese. Canetto : Prospettive future R- Sono un insaziabile ottimista. Argomenti alberto canetto roberto pazzi gianna vancinispiriti liberisurrealismo futurismo esistenzialismo. Le nuove gallerie Photoshow e Photofestival Leggi intervento associato. Tifa Cosplay Leggi intervento associato. Merry-chan Cosplay Leggi intervento associato. Checklist Marvel Italia - 17 Febbra… Leggi intervento associato.In this study, we document life stories of gay men who attempted suicide as adults.

Our goal is to expand the collection of narratives used to understand this persistent health inequity. We interviewed seven adult gay men, each of whom had attempted suicide two to four times, and identified five narratives. Pride narratives resist any connection between sexuality and suicide. Trauma-and-stress narratives enable coping through acknowledgment of sexual stigma as a fundamental trauma and cause of subsequent stress and suicidal thoughts. Finally, postgay narratives warn of the risk of suicide among older generations of gay men who feel erased from the goals of modern gay movements.

Sexual identity concealment or invisibility featured prominently in all five narratives. Creole began to tell us what the blues were all about. They were not about anything very new. He and his boys up there were keeping it new, at the risk of ruin, destruction, madness, and death, in order to find new ways to make us listen.

For, while the tale of how we suffer, and how we are delighted, and how we triumph is never new, it always must be heard. And this tale, according to that face, that body, those strong hands on those strings, has another aspect in every country, and a new depth in every generation. Listen, Creole seemed to be saying. Popular understandings of gay suicide have evolved over the course of the 20th century, through periods when homosexuality was regarded as a sin, illness, and crime—notions supported by prominent North American institutions, including those of the Christian churches, the State, medicine, and psychology Rofes, Salient gay suicide narratives emerged in these contexts and became etched in the minds of heterosexuals and gays alike.

Newspapers reproduced scandalous homosexual blackmail stories, which reinforced suicide as a presumed ending for those who otherwise risked public exposure as sexual deviants, while Hollywood films repeatedly employed a tragic, sensational gay suicide trope Rofes, ; Russo, Gay suicide is less clearly situated in the contemporary North American context, where homosexuality is no longer a crime and gay marriage now a legal reality.

Familiar notions of gay suicide are, thus, largely relegated to bygone eras described above, as exemplified by the story of Alan Turing, re-popularized as a heroic tragedy in the Oscar-nominated film The Imitation Game.

Turing was a mathematician credited with developing a modern computer to aid British espionage efforts during World War II.

Turing also had sex with men and was, thus, branded as a security threat, and convicted under criminal code that outlawed sex between men. He was barred from continuing his government consultancy and forced to receive hormonal treatments to reduce his libido; inhe died by poisoning himself with cyanide Hodges, To the extent that gay suicide is regarded as a contemporary social problem, it is characterized predominantly as a crisis of adolescence Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The story of Billy Lucas is illustrative.Interviews September 22, Alberto Covi was born in Vicenza the 3th June During his teenage years he attended an art school in Vicenza, then he changed for an high school of graphic design where he get passion of graffiti art.

He also won a contest of graphic illustration set up by the Italian Heraldic Council. After the certification he moved to London were he developed interests for stencil art, t-shirts illustration and printing techniques.

After two years he moved back to Italy, in Venicewhere he obtained his bachelor degree in visual art at IUAV university. During his studies he made street art and graffiti, both in a live music venue and some abandoned factories with his class mates. At that time he started thinking about how the industrial pollution can be harmful for the surrounding planet and people.

Venetian carnival masks inspired him for the production of many sculpturesassembled with industrial and technological parts. That work were also inspired from the prophecies of and the urgency of environmental activism. He participated of two group exhibitions at atelier Banchina Molini, with some artists of Marghera, an industrial city near by Venice. From to his full time occupancy was t-shirt illustration, printing and big format abstract paintings.

He created artworks, visible on his Flickr account. This procedure stops only when communicates a strong message. This yearhe printed a selection of collectable original artworks on professional photographic paper. Giger, Alex Grey, Andy Gilmore. Luca Curci — What is art for you? What is the experience that has influenced your work the most? AC — Graphic design school introduced me to graffiti and street art, a bachelor degree in visual art, t-shirts illustration and screen printing.

The experience that influenced me mostly it began with street art and graffiti in abandoned factories and the production of sculptures, assembled with industrial parts and painted with varnish.

Prophecies of and catastrophes related to the industrial pollution built my style and brought me to the urgency of environmental protection of the planet through small actions and the artistic creation. LC — Where do you find your inspiration?

AC — From art galleries and museums, art books, photobooks, social media like Flickr and my past artworks that are connected to my present work. LC — What is your creative process like? AC — My artworks are based on digital square format photography made with a reflex camera, the Pentax K and photo editing software to create original designs.

Film grain and 3D elevation filters are always apply to my pictures, sometime abstract paintings and drawings i made, but mostly to my photo. LC — Which art themes do you pursue? What is your preferred subject, if there is any? AC — Pure nature, textures, symbols and the human figure without identity. Dark imagery, inner messages and emotions, curiosity and celebration of life, the contemporary climate changes issues are my themes.

The aim is the creation of a dialogue that inspire and awake our consciousness. LC — What is the message linked to the artwork you have shown in this exhibition? How is it connected to the theme of the entire festival?In all, there is a vast amount of games to play, premium slots, bonus slots, video slots, table games, jackpots and arcade games. As we said before, Bet365 poker has various rooms and games, tournaments, and premium tables. At the time of the review, there were Summer Games running through the summer, with daily and weekly missions for the chance to win big prizes.

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