House near cell phone tower

You can search on your address and locate the cell tower, multipurpose towers, microwave arrays and radio wave antennas that are beaming EMF at you, and find out what types of EMF they are broadcasting, who owns them, which ones are registered and which are not, what kinds of towers are planned in the near future for your area, and more, displaying it all within a 4 mile radius from your house. The cell coverage map below is an example of what you'll see - you can also switch between the street map and the satellite map.

With this information you can locate the tower nearest you and actually go find it in your neighborhood to visually inspect what kinds of broadcasting devices it uses, what directions they are pointed etc. Then using some basic arithmetic to calculate your distance from the source, the nature of radiation source, its broadcast range etc. The red monopoly-game looking house you see in the picture is the address you searched on and all the images you see within the circle represent cellphone towers within a four mile radius of your house.

The blue Eiffel-Tower-looking icons represent towers taller than '; any red Eiffel Tower icons depict the towers that have been approved for construction but are not yet in operation. That is where Cellphone Safety for Smart Users comes in! Recognizing the various types of devices that emit radiation when you are looking at a broadcast tower or antenna.

The public outcry against these types of towers in Europe. The legal loophole that allows these towers to proliferate despite their known health hazards. Find out how near is too near to live near, and what studies are saying regarding the health hazards of living in proximity to a tower. I hit the ground running with confidence the day I finished the course, and my business has been built from the ground up based on the tried and true methods of a true EMF Professional that would have been far beyond me without this training.

How To Find Cell Phone Tower Locations Near Me?

I was electronically stalked by a cellphone hacker, Chris returned my SOS message within the hour and walked me step by step through how to protect myself right away.

I went on to take his excellent training to learn how to protect myself from the many other risks of electronic pollution - I never realized how insidious EMF is!

The Bedroom Sanctuary ebook guided me through everything I needed to know to finally eliminate and block the various sources of EMF in my bedroom causing my sleep disorders. Ah, to sleep perchance to dream - blissfully at last. I thought I would learn how to wave an EMF meter around and that training would be very American based, and instead I learned more professionally valuable, global-in-scope, and life-saving info than I ever imagined. Three words of advice: Take this training!

More Personal Stories and Testimonials Ronald Sands, UK. Recent Articles.While all the major carriers like to show fancy colored maps illustrating their general coverage area across the US when it comes to your specific cell tower location, you're on your own. Finding a cell tower near you was nothing but frustration. While it helps to understand the difference between 4G and LTEthis article will show you all the websites, apps, native tools, and signal meters that will help you find a cell tower near you.

With these websites put in your zip code or address and it will tell you cell tower locations. Cell providers are constantly adding and subtracting service on cell sites on a daily basis, so the information may be dated. However, it is a good start and when paired with the other techniques we'll mention later, it'll give you everything you need to know.

For finding towers in your area, Cellmapper probably provides the best and up-to-date information. It's useable but not user-friendly design takes some time to navigate. But once you do, it provides cell site locations for all major carriers.

This coupled with your zip code or address should show the towers in your area immediately. So this gives you a general idea of weak and good coverage areas near you.

AntennaSearch is old, ugly, and possibly outdated, but it provides a wealth of information. You'll need some patience to comb through and click around, but it should provide some insights to cell tower location, as well as lots of extra information for the technically inclined.

CellReception shows towers and current user reviews in your area. However, it's data on cell towers seems a bit thin. Still, some data is better than no data. And it's also a nice to use when also using other methods to find your nearest cell tower.

People automatically assume having a nationwide carrier also provides nationwide service. But in actuality, there are many pockets around the USA that aren't served by certain service providers. It's best to do your homework and confirm the area you're in also has one of the four major carriers or their networks available. These apps use your location and then map out the closest carrier cell tower. After all, it's your phone, so it should be able to point to where it's getting its signal.

AntennaPointer : For Android. OpenSignal features a compass that points in the direction of your carrier's cell tower and also has a cell tower map. It's currently the best option for iPhones.

House near a Cell Phone Tower – Disadvantages & Side Effects

Network Cell Info Lite is even better, but is only for Android. This app not only shows your nearest cell tower, but will show its ID number as well as give you accurate dB and dBm readings showing your cellular signal strength.

Our professional installers use this app more than any other.Posted by Admin on June 30, Here're proven methods to quickly locate the nearest cell phone tower anywhere within USA and Canada to help with improving your cell phone reception or simply for help with installation of a home cell phone signal booster. Do this by simply entering your address or ZIP Code for your specific carrier. Once you have confirmed that your area is actually covered by your carrier, then you can locate your cell tower.

But, it is a good start. When used in conjunction with techniques that we will mention later, you will easily be able to locate your nearest cell tower! Using your location, these apps are able to map out your nearest cell tower. It is a handy tool to use! Still, you will have a general idea of where the closest cell towers are. This is the method we recommend you use. We know that your phone requires a signal to work, so that means it is possible to reverse-engineer the entire process and see where your closest cell tower is located.

All cellular devices operate within the dB to dB frequency. Full bars, or full strength is dB, whereas a dead zone, or no service zone, is dB. Therefore, this leaves a situation where 1 bar on Sprint might be 2 bars on Verizon, which in turn could be 3 bars on T-Mobile! This is despite the fact that they are all receiving exactly the same signal and performing at identical speeds.

Therefore, the number of bars on your phone is subjective across all carriers! But, the dB readings are not subjective!

DB or Decibel readings are real — they are simply science and math! Your signal will be best the closer you are to dB, and your signal will be worse the closer you are to dB. The good news is that your smartphone has the ability to display real dB readings! Now that you have access to your dB reading, walk outside your home. Depending on your phone model and carrier it might take some time for your phone to refresh, so while walking slowly keep checking for the number closest to dB.

After you have done this a couple of times, it should become very clear which area of your home is receiving the best signal, which means that you now know the general direction of your cell tower:. For most people, using their phone in dB mode is a very successful method of locating a stronger signal.

For professional telecom users, the signal meter is definitely a worthwhile investment. G, Houston, TX Please wait Call or Chat Live for help. Let us fix your weak cell reception - with the Right Solutionat the Lowest Cost.

house near cell phone tower

Blog Find cell phone tower location maps instantly! Find cell phone tower location maps instantly! Posted by Admin on June 30, Here're proven methods to quickly locate the nearest cell phone tower anywhere within USA and Canada to help with improving your cell phone reception or simply for help with installation of a home cell phone signal booster.Once built. Cell towers can go up an additional 20 feet- without community consent.

Most people in the United States are unaware that once a tower is built, it can go up to 20 feet higher with no public process due to the passing of Section a of the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of In other words, a foot tower can be increased to feet after it is constructed and the community will have no input.

WiFi Radiation - Dangers of WiFi - See It Measured - How To Remediate WiFi Radiation

Communities are largely unaware of this law. Read the peer reviewed published science documenting the public health risk at this link. The realtor industry has written several articles documenting the property devaluation after communication towers are built near property.

house near cell phone tower

The coalition flagged these two potential issues:. Best Best and Krieger Letter to Ms. Marlene H. If a person is going to invest crores, why would he buy a property with a tower? According to LK Thakkar, a Defence Colony-based property dealer, while the cost of the building which has the tower is relatively less, other buildings in the vicinity also get affected.

Sandy Bond, Ph.

house near cell phone tower

Powers, turbines and transmission lines impacts on property value edited by Sally Bond Sally Sims and Peter Dent, The FCC has proposed, as part of these rules, applying a four-pronged test, which could lead to cell towers increasing in height by plus feet beyond their approved construction heights. Applying the test may also lead increases in the sizes of compounds, equipment cabinets and shelters, and hazardous materials used for back-up power supplies, beyond what was originally approved. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and science from Environmental Health Trust.

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house near cell phone tower

Fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible. Our mailing address is: P.Cellular cell phones first became widely available in the United States in the s, but since then their use has increased dramatically. The widespread use of cell phones has led to cell phone towers being placed in many communities.

These towers, also called base stationshave electronic equipment and antennas that receive and transmit radiofrequency RF signals. Cell phone base stations may be free-standing towers or mounted on existing structures, such as trees, water tanks, or tall buildings.

The antennas need to be high enough to adequately cover the area. Base stations are usually from feet high.

Find cell phone tower location maps instantly!

Cell phones communicate with nearby cell towers mainly through radiofrequency RF waves, a form of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum between FM radio waves and microwaves.

Like FM radio waves, microwaves, visible light, and heat, they are forms of non-ionizing radiation. This means they do not directly damage the DNA inside cells, which is how stronger ionizing types of radiation such as x-rays, gamma rays, and ultraviolet UV light are thought to be able to cause cancer.

At very high levels, RF waves can heat up body tissues. This is the basis for how microwave ovens work. But the levels of energy used by cell phones and towers are much lower. The base station responds to this signal by assigning it an available radiofrequency channel.

RF waves transfer the voice information to the base station. The voice signals are then sent to a switching center, which transfers the call to its destination.

Voice signals are then relayed back and forth during the call. As people use cell phones to make calls, signals are transmitted back and forth to the base station. The RF waves produced at the base station are given off into the environment, where people can be exposed to them. The energy from a cellular phone tower antenna, like that of other telecommunication antennas, is directed toward the horizon parallel to the groundwith some downward scatter.

Base station antennas use higher power levels than other types of land-mobile antennas, but much lower levels than those from radio and television broadcast stations. The amount of energy decreases rapidly as the distance from the antenna increases.

As a result, the level of exposure to radio waves at ground level is very low compared to the level close to the antenna. Public exposure to radio waves from cell phone tower antennas is slight for several reasons. The power levels are relatively low, the antennas are mounted high above ground level, and the signals are transmitted intermittently, rather than constantly.

At ground level near typical cellular base stations, the amount of RF energy is thousands of times less than the limits for safe exposure set by the US Federal Communication Commission FCC and other regulatory authorities. It is very unlikely that a person could be exposed to RF levels in excess of these limits just by being near a cell phone tower.

When a cellular antenna is mounted on a roof, it is possible that a person on the roof could be exposed to RF levels greater than those typically encountered on the ground. But even then, exposure levels approaching or exceeding the FCC safety guidelines are only likely to be found very close to and directly in front of the antennas.

If this is the case, access to these areas should be limited. The level of RF energy inside buildings where a base station is mounted is typically much lower than the level outside, depending on the construction materials of the building. Wood or cement block reduces the exposure level of RF radiation by a factor of about The energy level behind an antenna is hundreds to thousands of times lower than in front. Therefore, if an antenna is mounted on the side of a building, the exposure level in the room directly behind the wall is typically well below the recommended exposure limits.

Some people have expressed concern that living, working, or going to school near a cell phone tower might increase the risk of cancer or other health problems. At this time, there is very little evidence to support this idea.

In theory, there are some important points that would argue against cellular phone towers being able to cause cancer.One of the easiest ways of ensuring cellular signal remains constant and available is finding the nearest cell phone tower. By cell tower, we mean the specific tower of the specific carrier you're using on your cellphone.

It is usually the tower nearest your geographical area. Unlike cell phone codes to access data, voice and text services better with the best cell phone reception, review your cell tower information, now. Slowly pivot that unidirectional antenna degrees on included mounting pole till maximum signal strength registers on the signal meter for your carrier of choice.

Usually, it is the same direction for all carriers because most carriers use the same tower pole for cost efficiency. This is the best sure-fire way to locate the nearest tower. Different carriers within United States do offer information on their websites showing their coverage maps.

However, to perfectly pinpoint the true location where multiple carrier towers are found, third party sites are best. Most antennas are FCC registered - but not all. Some are erected and being tested but still in process of approvals. Due to this, the data might not be as comprehensive as you might want.

However, web maps are a quality way of finding the closest cell tower and might be all you need. These include:. To reduce battery power consumption, cellular phones usually lock the closest tower's signals before saving them.

It means your phone could be using saved towers in the smartphone and not actually the closest towers. Smart phones not being very smart, right? Chances are you're not using the best possible cellular signal quality. You're smarterthough - Press the "power" or "end" button on the cell phone. Hold the button down for a few seconds and allow the screen to turn dark.

After about 10 seconds, power the mobile phone. At the powering stage, the phone's memory will be reset with new and closest towers queried again. What about finding areas where cell towers are either absent or nonexistent? With a website such as Signalmap. The website is community driven and displays dead spots across United States according to user-generated information.

You can categorize the submissions by a specific carrier or all carriers. Site also offers more information on signal strength in these areas in the form of bars. At times, finding the closest tower to your home or car is as easy as using your Smartphone. OpenSignal features include directing you to cell towers by following their signal compass in the process finding stronger reception. OpenSignal iOS app directs you to the direction where the reception is emanating from.

You can request phone booster installers to help map out the signal strength in your home or business area using their tools and experience, which include signal meters. Installers or professionals who care about accuracy of signal strength and ascertaining the nearest cell tower will find signal meters the best tool for the job.

Signal meter directs to the closest cell phone tower within a range of degrees.FAQ on Coronavirus and Mefi : check before posting, cite sources; how to block content by tags.

Love, the house We're looking for a new house. And, we've got a great one, nice price, nice backyard Google results scare me. Two European studies citing increase serious health concerns. Not major journals and the popular press never picked up on it. Still, who knows what the cell phone makers would do to kill off bad press about their towers?

Anyone know the science behind the radiation risk of them? Do you use a mobile phone? Because the radiation it pumps into your head directly is orders of magnitude weaker than the dispersed and weak signal the tower is putting out. If you use a mobile phone, you should be fine with living near a tower.

There is no danger. Cell phone towers give off radio waves not radioactive energy. RF waves are very unlikely to be carcinogenic. I looked into this seriously a couple of years ago.

The scientific consensus on this then was "probably not," and "there's no likely mechanism" for carcinogenesis. But there haven't been that many large scale or longitudinal studies. We haven't had cell phones long enough to really know. Odds are it's pretty low on the list of major risks you already live near, and which you can't see. Most household electronics, not just cell phones, are much worse than cell towers. Microwave, TV, computers, not to mention TV and radio broadcast antennas.

Are you getting it mixed up with supposed danger of living under power lines? Cell phone towers are more common than you might think.

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